Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marinated Hot Chick Juice

Hello and sorry for not posting lately, been busy with poking stuff ;), hehe anyways happy ramazan mubarak. A lot has changed since the old days for the ramazan, like the whooping prices of fast breaking of restaurants and there seems to be a lot cuter chicks during the ramazan period. Since its ramazan I'l help you guys by telling you a yummy recipe after breaking the fast, DO NOT do this recipe when ur fasting coz' this maybe too much to handle while fasting.


1 Hot Chick
1 Big Fat Wallet
2½ Cars or Big Bike
3 Home Properties
10 Tablespoons of Charm
7 Tablespoons of Care & Love
5 Sachets of Adore

How To
Mix the 5 Sachets of Adore and 6 Tablespoons of Charm for 10 mins, then mix 7 Tablespoons of Care & Love with the well mixed portion and refrigerate for 30 mins.

Stir fry the Home properties for 15 mins, mix with 2½ Cars or Big Bike & Big fat Wallet.

Now this is the hard part ok, Take the Hot Chick and mix well the portion refrigerated earlier and put aside the Home properties, Sachets of Adore, Love and Care, and Mix the remaining 4 sachets of Charm as well. Now deep fry the mixing for 10 mins.

Serve the portion and garnish with Affection and Lust.

Enjoy and Bon Appetite.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Protect & Preserve

I have been busy wandering in search for much I have lost in my previous endeavors, but in the meantime I have learned much more than I have ever.

This small country has changed a lot during its short period of service to a colony of humans we call Maldivians. We should be thankful for those services offered to us, but I have noticed that the exact opposite happens we disgust it by polluting it and even reap its glory in numerous ways, I can't bear to see that the children's ill doing while to what their forefathers have so much protected and lived alongside with. Don't you know that your co-existence with nature balances out your culture, it is what you are.

For our future generations preserve what we cannot indulge in.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

magey ******

Aiminaa-bee, Aiminaa-bee,
dhekunintha aharen kahbolu naahtakah veli furan indhaa...

buney, ehen noonee dhoru vahtaalaanee,
buney, ehen noonee ****** hadhaalaanee,


Ahdhama foolhoi,
Foolhaka foolhoi...

Ahdhama foolhoi,
Foolhaka foolhoi...

(fili koalhi hama nuvaa nama loamaraafa bismi kiyaafa 3 faharu meyah fumelaa) :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Miss you so so much...

Even though i don't wanna accept it, i really do miss you. The fact is I have always wanted you and never got the chance or the guts to say it to you, where are you my lonu mirus havaadhu boakibaa buri, i wanna hug you and i wanna squeeze you and ... and *sigh*... ...

I miss you so so much... when will you be mine... *sigh*

(wraps foolhu around and stares at the sky)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Tagged by... Forgiven

(a) 3 things you can't do;
*Forget Aimina-bi :(
* Stay when its bangi time
* Avoid Blog (its almost like digital rihaakuru O.O)

(b) 3 things you can do;
* Suck Humans
* Poke my foolhu almost anywhere ;)
* Grow back my foolhu :D

(c) 3 things that scare you;
* Lonu mirus
* Prayer times
* Small door holes... (creeps me out after that night)

(d) 3 things that you Love;
* Rihaakuru
* Jungles & Cemeteries
* Women with Bandi-yaa (bandi only also nice :D)

(d) 3 things you hate;
* Women who gossip what they see (excluding aimina-bi, ok)
* Cockroaches (amahyaai kurehppeh :p)
* Bright lights, like those bumble-bee traffic ones

okay, now I'm tagging....... ;
(i) bulhaa
(ii) shanu
(iii) Nazzzz!

Good luck guysss!!! ;D

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

good mornin

Well, I am back to my daily routines now, filling my head with sand with the "kah-bolu naashi" is a nice way to kick off your day in the morning... but now i cant do it that often coz' the streets are too noisy and there are too many people, i figured tat I can't visit all those who passes by dho, eyrun foolhu ge dhuvas goss faane maa avahah, dho.

Back in the old days my "partu", aimina-bi used to see me a lot but never admitted it... the story tat u guys heard is a lil' twisted for easy hearing... oh i miss my aimina-bi a lot but what to do dho... seems like my HSBC (handi spell book cult), is also lost (dammit), so I can't revive her dho, anyways, if u guys have any ideas please do tell ingey... have to get soon or don't know what my foolhu will become of... ok taataa for now... O_O back soon